It’s Alive!

My apologies for taking a leave from my beloved blog.  I have had a paid advertising arrangement the last 12 months with Alive East Bay magazine.

The contract is over so I can return to Private Eye Confidential. Alive proved a good outlet for introducing a new audience to what we do as private investigators.  While we might have some weird cases here and there, the point I wanted to make in the columns is that we are legitimate business professionals.

Alive is a solid magazine with about the best graphics and photos I have seen in any publication, from Vanity Fair to Esquire.  But the publication makes spotty efforts to promote and the journalism tends to be on the bland side.  (Cultivating good reporting, finding such stories and careful editing take lots of time and money.)  We face the same marketing challenges at my business or any small business: You can be the best at what you do but if people haven’t heard of you then you are lagging.

My column was called “On The Case.”

I waxed on process serving, witness dynamics and a haunting hit-and-run mystery in San Ramon.

I am able to compartmentalize in what I do in my writing and my investigating.  I have missed Private Eye Confidential and will try to be more regular in my posts now that I have more time for the blog.