Dog Tricks

Being an effective private investigator means knowing how to blend. In certain neighborhoods there is no better prop than man’s best friend. Over the years I have used my pooch on several cases.  Just last month Agent Daisy notched a crucial serve of legal papers.

The attorneys came to me after Garden Variety Process Server couldn’t do the job.  The woman dodged, either sending her husband or kids to the door as interference.  Once I know someone is trying to avoid service I go into stealth mode.  Yes, my methods are more expensive but I have a record for producing results.

I started loose surveillance on the suburban home, doing several spot checks.  I saw a duck hunting decal on the husband’s pickup truck.  Where you find hunters you will find dogs.  I spied his truck in the driveway and her Mercedes in the garage from the garage door being propped slightly open on warm nights.

I kept walking my dog by the house each night, with the legal papers tucked in my back pocket.  Finally, one night the garage door was open.  As we walked by I saw the husband in the garage with his labrador.  It looked like they were heading in for the night.  I approached him and our dogs started their sniffing rituals.  In the garage I could see a face peeking out from behind a door to watch the dogs.  A woman stood in the door.

After chatting with the husband for a bit I called to the woman at the door.  Our dogs romped on their leashes.  She said, “Yes? That’s me.” I served the papers on her without incident. Daisy and I calmly walked up the block.

I use Daisy on other cases when I need to get invited into a house or get up closer to a residence. One of my favorites for seeing if someone is home is the “the lost dog pretext.” You can get as creative as you want.  Sometimes, I go with a flier of a missing animal and a dummy phone number on the flier. Other times I go with just a leash and collar and sell it like the dog has just fled and I’m a house sitter at wit’s end.

I love my work as a private investigator because I get to be resourceful and have some fun. In the end though it’s always about results.