National Stalking Awareness Month!

And you thought January was a big deal just because we are getting a new president.

In looking for some information about the Pleasanton, California police department, I learned that it was National Stalking Awareness Month. Spencer Investigations of the San Francisco Bay Area uses surveillance but it is never meant to harass any subject. But some might say we private investigators aren’t much different than stalkers.

I toured the site, took a quiz and spied on some merchandise

I scored a pedestrian 70% on the quiz. I am still laughing, but maybe I shouldn’t. I love the poster “Every(sic) Get The Feeling You Are Being Watched.” And who wouldn’t want to adorn themselves with the “stalking awareness pin.” I am not making this up. And for the collector who wants the definitive stalking poster/statement: “Beware of Strangers.”