My first blog….

Years of journalism and private eye work lead me to this debut blog. I will share insights of all sorts, silly, profane, raunchy, informative and, hopefully, honesty in exposing you to me and some of my work. This blog will be for old friends and strangers alike. I will take you from my days of getting paid by the inch, grinding articles about high school sports at The Wilton Bulletin, to my current state as CA PI 18828.

I try to find something fun about my work every day. The longer I stay in the business, the more it takes to find that sense of amusement. Half the fun of my work is never knowing what’s around the corner.

Private eye work has to be the strangest collection of folks. From ex-cops booted off the force for God knows what, to more academic types like me, to some whom I wonder how they ever get dressed let alone passed the state PI exam.

Buckle your seatbelts and put in those gum shields, it’s Spencer PI at the keyboard!

(Coming soon: The true account of how the Sarasota Herald-Tribune squashed my investigation of a local anchorman who was a major marijuana trafficker!)