Congrats OPD: You Shot and Killed a Dog

Spencer Investigations tipped the press to this sad story, covered in the East Bay Express:

I know the attorney in the story, have done work for Portia Glassman, Esq. and find her to be unusually principled. Ms. Glassman tells the truth as does her client.

The key fact in the article, perhaps buried too much, is that Mr. Proudfoot offered in advance to take his dogs out of the house. This is digusting that Oakland Police shot the dog.

“One of the first things I asked them, ‘Let me take care of my dogs,'” Proudfoot recalled. Both of his dogs, Jade and Bear, were inside the home. “I’ll put them away in the bathroom or somewhere so they’re out of the way. I told them at least half a dozen times.”

The connection between animal cruelty and barbarism towards humans is well-documented. And Oakland Police wonders why it has a bad reputation in the community…

As long as I am casting opprobrium, I have a big sharp dart for the usually sound Channel 2 News, Glassman was quoted on air and in the story as saying that the cops shot the dog. Yet, the TV “reporter” never followed up. I called the news desk three times to point out this unanswered question. Thanks to the East Bay Express for exposing this.