Are We A Match?


I have always tried to explain how  I work in hopes that I clear up misconceptions about what I do as a private investigator.

In many ways a private investigator is like a building contractor or many professional trades-people. I have regular clients, specialties and skill sets. When I am busy with regular clients, mostly lawyers, I am going to be reluctant to take time away to pursue new business. Like a busy contractor, I don’t want to take too much time away from regular business that is guaranteed to pay and to also bring repeat business.

Most private investigators making a living have regular clients. I estimate about 70-percent of my income comes from lawyers, law offices and the legal community. The work flow for anyone who is self-employed or has their own business can vary quite a bit. My point in writing this is to explain how I try to pick my private clients.

I would always rather spend 15 or 20 minutes on the phone to see if we are a match than to set up an in-person meeting but I am willing to meet in person if paid for the consultation. I know that some situations are sensitive, complex, etc and would be best explained face-to-face.


  • Surveillance in domestic matters, insurance defense, workers’ compensation claims
  • Locating and interviewing people
  • Background checks in legal and other cases, locating public records
  • Investigating fraud and identity theft
  • Photography and video
  • Activity checks and determining residency
  • Difficult service of legal process

If there are areas outside my levels of expertise or if you need an investigation in another party of the country, I will try to refer you directly to another investigations professional.


  • Can I realistically produce results? There are no guarantees but my reputation grows based on my results. I am often painfully honest in assessing situations.
  • Matters of budget. I will quote you a retainer price.
  • Deadlines. When do you need the information? I will tell you how long it will likely take.
  • Temperament and personality. This doesn’t have to be exact but we should be able to communicate and work well together.

What I have always liked about my business is that it is especially results-driven and you are only as good as your last case. I do want to help most people but we both have to make sure we are a match.