Testimonials from Attorneys | Testimonials from Private Clients


Testimonials from Attorneys:

“Mike Spencer is a very good and very smart private investigator. I have worked with Mike on many cases both criminal and civil. Mike always comes through when we need him and we need him. He helps me and helps the clients. I highly recommend Mike to any attorney and or client. Mike is invaluable.” — Ivan Golde, Oakland attorney

“Mike is my ‘go to’ investigator. Getting a statement from a witness is not as easy as it sounds. But when I need to get a witness to cooperate I can rely on Mike to get the job done. Countless times Mike has come through with key statements that have made a difference in my criminal and civil cases.” —Mark Cohen, Fremont attorney

“Mike Spencer is an excellent private investigator. I am a lawyer and I hired him in a case to interview witnesses in the Bay Area. He was thorough and prompt, which helped me and my client, especially since I am in Fresno. That case ultimately went to trial in the Bay Area and his work was critical in our victory. What I also appreciated with Mike Spencer is that there were no surprises in his invoices. I have practiced law over 20 years and have hired many private investigators. If you think lawyers nickel and dime clients to death, lawyers are nothing compared to some private investigators! So I was pleasantly pleased with Mike’s invoices and reports. If you need an investigator in the Bay Area, call Mike Spencer first!” —Greg Mullanax, attorney

Testimonials from Private Clients:

“I utilized the services of Spencer-Elrod recently. Mike Spencer was very professional and discreet. At the initial contact, he collected the necessary details and made recommendations that led to a well-thought-out plan. He also seamlessly worked with my legal counsel effectively forming a team to best achieve my goals. His experience and background allowed him to dismiss impractical or unwise ideas leading up to the plan. He executed the plan in a timely manner and was extremely thorough in its execution and documentation of activity. As conditions became more challenging, he was quick to work with me and my counsel to formulate alternate plans, again and again. He was able to recruit additional personnel and resources in an ‘out-of-the-box’ fashion in order to get the job done. Eventually, his work required write-up and submission to the courts to proceed legally. He worked well with my legal counsel on this.

It was clear that Mr Spencer treated my final objective as his objective rather than taking the position that he had fulfilled the services of the original plan regardless of whether my objective was achieved or not. And just as importantly, the additional work required of him was all performed within the original retainer. – there was no ‘nickeling and dime-ing’ even when I asked him on occasion to look into this or that or follow-up on a side lead.

I would definitely use the services of Mr. Spencer again and recommend him to others.” —Andrew M, Oakland, submitted @yelp.com

“I have contacted Spencer Elrod and used their services a couple of times over the past two years. I have always been satisfied with their results. The information provided was accurate and timely. No doubt, Spencer services prevented a close family member from being victimized financially. I know I can always count on Mike when I need investigative services.” —Dave S.

“Mike did an outstanding and professional job for me. His swift, thorough, and professional investigation enabled me to avoid more severe damage to my reputation. I cannot begin to thank Mike enough for his dedication and integrity and willingness to dig in and quickly find the truth. I would be happy to have a conversation with anyone who would like more detail.” —Rick J., Criminal Defense Client, submitted @yelp.com

“I used Mike Spencer in conjunction with a divorce case and found him to be very effective in the services he provided me. He provided his services in a timely fashion and kept me updated on a regular basis as to the status of his investigation. Most importantly to me was his court testimony was credible and he provided a confident third party opinion.” —submitted @yahoo.com