Locating People

People need to be found for a variety of legal reasons, whether they are a missing heir or need to be served legal process as a witness or a defendant in a criminal or civil case. We routinely:

  • Locate people using public records, databases, etc

  • Find missing persons estranged from families and loved ones

  • Find people other investigators failed to locate

blog-doorWitnesses are the key to many legal cases. Every day for the last 20 years, private investigator Mike Spencer has searched for people and located people with a stellar success rate. He often locates the people within the initial budget or estimate. Spencer Legal Investigations, Inc. is your go-to source for locating people in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, nationwide and even abroad. The key to finding people is often in doing research beyond paid databases, public records​, social media and other information sources. Mr. Spencer works hard at keeping up his contacts to find the most productive information sources.

To locate people you need to know the type of individual. Stable people who hold jobs, pay rent or mortgages and maintain family contacts are often easy to find. But the degree of difficulty in locating people changes when the subjects are trying to remain underground, or have fallen on hard times. For the tough cases, having the right sources and the discipline of searching gets results. We always start with the least expensive search methods before escalating intensity and search options.

For legal clients, locates are often accomplished for under $150 per person. We don’t just merely pass along raw data but take steps to ensurethat the information is accurate. Locating people is frequently a two-step process. The first step is identifying a possible location – and the second step is confirming that the person is present. Sometimes, you don’t really know where a person stays at night until you confirm it with a door-knock, see their car or vehicle in the driveway. Sometimes it takes a clever pretext or ruse to confirm it’s the right person at the right place.

In one recent case, Mike Spencer found an heir who stood to inherit more than $6 million. He wasn’t found through databases or conventional methods. Instead, he was located through intensive field work and foot surveillance. Mike Spencer often finds and locates witnesses critical to major civil investigations or criminal defense cases. He then obtains statements from these crucial witnesses.

Locating people is sometimes done for family members who have lost touch with a loved one. The subjects are sometimes at risk and living in bad or dangerous situations. For these cases, Mike Spencer uses his intelligence, experience and range of resources to locate the person and reunite them with their loved ones.