Child Custody: How a Private Investigator Helps

Child Custody Investigations in the San Francisco Bay Area

We coordinate and conduct child custody investigations in the San Francisco Bay Area, from background checks in Benicia to surveillance in San Jose. For the best results we recommend working through an attorney. Why? Two reasons. The first is that working through an attorney ensures confidentiality of our work product. The second is that a good attorney brings experience and shape to an investigation, knowing what evidence will help your case in court. We have references from top family lawyers in Northern California. We know what it takes to win your case.

Child custody investigations often involve: surveillance, background checks, residency verifications, asset searches and other aspects to investigate. Before we take a case we like to have a talk with the prospective client and the attorney to make sure we are all on the same page. Considering the importance of what’s at stake, the welfare of a child, this planning is essential.

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The Role of Surveillance in Bay Area Child Custody Investigations

For surveillance, we try to match the investigators with the neighborhoods where we will be working. We ensure that the investigator and his or her vehicle blends in well. We have conducted successful surveillance investigations in Danville and in East Oakland, two very distinct areas. Patience is important when following people. We might need to use one, two or more investigators in separate vehicles to keep tabs on someone’s movements. Over time, people reveal their habits.

We use video and photos to document what the other parent does when they are with the child or maybe without the child. We look for the safety and conditions of the environment of the child. Are car seats being properly used? Is the other parent drinking or using drugs or driving recklessly while they are supposed to be caring for the child? We only use licensed private investigators on your child custody investigation. We testify to our video, reports and other investigations.

Investigating Court Orders and Documenting Violations

In surveillance, we will document what time the child gets picked up or dropped off. We look to see if court orders are being followed. We also look at code enforcement records, building permits or any other record that might shed light on the conditions of a property where a child might stay or spend time.

We have testified in child custody investigation cases in Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco counties. We provide solid, credible, professional testimony.

Background Checks Are Vital in Family Law Investigations

We conduct background checks on not only the former partner but on the partner’s associates who might be around the child. If people were honest, attorneys and private investigators wouldn’t have work. People fail to disclose all sorts of damaging public records. We start with looking at a person’s driver history and expand to criminal courts and civil matters. Go beyond the cheap online background searches. We physically visit the courthouses in Oakland, Richmond, Fremont, San Francisco, San Rafael, Palo Alto, Pleasanton or wherever we need to go. We are systematic and disciplined in our search for these records. The courts are going to consider credibility and character of each partner. If need be, we can gather witness statements.

Is A Parent Using or Selling Drugs?

Sadly, we have had a number of cases involving a parent who uses or deals drugs. We have had these cases in Oakland and in more suburban settings such as Pleasant Hill and Concord. We have determined that marijuana or other drugs were being grown and sold from a home. Our information led to attorneys issuing subpoenas for witnesses to appear in court. We take our work and commitment to our clients seriously.

Investigations to Locate Where People Live in The East Bay

On occasion, we have had cases where it was necessary to determine the true residence of a partner because the person was not telling the truth to the courts. We have done surveillance from Walnut Creek to Redwood City following someone to see where they really live. If approved by the attorney, we will do door-knocks or even canvass a neighborhood to get proof of where someone lives. We had a case in San Ramon where we obtained video evidence for two weeks of where a person was really staying.

We are old-fashioned investigators in our doggedness and commitment to clients. But we use modern methods and have an open mind to obtaining the best evidence to help your family law investigation in the Bay Area.