Investigative Services

Investigative Services

We proudly serve business, lawyers and select private clients with a range of investigative services. Partner Mike Spencer brings more than 20 years of experience and investigative results to the business. Partner Jeremy Elrod puts his elite military training and experience to work for our clients. We associate with other licensed professionals to uncover the truth in sensitive cases big and small, whether for surveillance or a top-level background check.

Experienced Private Detectives

There are no substitutes for experience and wisdom. We know where to look for information and always operate within applicable laws. Our varied backgrounds, including investigative journalism and security and weapons training, mean we bring an array of services to clients. Our wisdom helps us to select partners and vendors to provide the best resources and outcomes for our clients.

You might notice that some private investigators on the internet are vague about their backgrounds, ownership, where they are located and maybe even their licensing status. We tell you who we are and where we are because: We conduct business in a direct, honest manner. We are uniquely qualified in our field. We have deep roots in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California. We are effective, educated and ethical.

Contact Us Now:

We are happy to answer questions over the phone or by email. We know that for many people and businesses it might be the first time they have ever had to contact a private investigator. We can answer many of your questions in a free phone consultation. We don’t judge and just want to give you the best potential solutions.

Private Investigative Services We Offer

Our private investigation team specializes in the following cases and more:

Catch A Cheating Spouse

    Our infidelity investigations include foot and vehicle surveillance. We have the personnel and equipment to handle just about kind of surveillance and get you the proof to help in your difficult decision.

Child Custody

    We work with clients and their attorneys to document many aspects in child custody investigations. Child custody cases often involve deep background checks and strategic surveillance. We document what occurs and help you prevail in court.

Criminal Defense Investigations

    We have handled hundreds of such cases, from misdemeanors to homicide cases. A timely, thorough investigation is needed to clear your name.

Employee Background Checks

    We perform background checks that go beyond simple database searches. Our searches involve in-person visits to courthouses and other direct sources of information.

Firearms Instruction

    Jeremy Elrod has an extensive background in the special operations community and private security contracting. He was a decorated member of the elite 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment and was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. During his military service he was a primary close quarters combat instructor for many military and government units.

Locating People

    We find people whether they are missing heirs, crucial witnesses or lost loved ones. We keep up on the latest technology to track people but also count on eyes-on intelligence and field investigations to find them.

Personal Injury

    Partner Mike Spencer earned his hours as a private investigator working for some of the best trial lawyers in California. The key to victory in these cases is often being first to get statements from witnesses. We also handle insurance defense claims investigations.

Security Consulting

    We provide clients with vulnerability assessments and security planning. Partner Jeremy Elrod has a background in security audits, executive protection and risk management strategies.

Surveillance Services

    We have the most experienced team of surveillance operatives in Northern California. We tackle some of the toughest cases and get you the video evidence!

Wrongful Death

    We have been main investigators on cases that resulted in multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. We have systems and procedures in place to work effectively with law offices big and small. We have investigated police shootings, vehicle fatalities and other deadly incidents.