Private Clients

044Private Clients:

Spencer Elrod Services recognizes that private clients need accurate information for family law, child custody disputes, domestic investigations or in other arenas. We discretely provide such services, from background checks to surveillance and legal GPS monitoring. In some cases, usually in fraud matters, we will work directly with law enforcement to help clients. We also provide state-of-the-art camera and video monitoring systems for the home or business.
Many private clients come to us with a family matter, whether it’s the welfare of a child, sibling, spouse or elderly relative. Sometimes we are needed to investigate new boyfriends, girlfriends, care providers or others close to a family. We are always discrete and always provide answers in the most sensitive of situations.

Services for Private Clients

  • Infidelity and Domestic Investigations
  • Elder Care and Child Care Investigations
  • Firearms Instruction
  • Missing Persons
  • Real Estate Neighborhood Profiles
  • Security Consulting
  • Social Media Research
  • Catch a Cheating Spouse in the San Francisco Bay Area

Case Study: Obtaining Information in a Child Custody Case

A man contacted us stating that he was attempting to get full custody of his daughter from the girl’s mother. He suspected that the woman was not being honest with either him or the court, including not divulging her true address. The first step was running a background check. A search of her driver history found that her license had been suspended. A criminal history check revealed that she was on probation for a recent shoplifting case. Video surveillance accomplished two things: It proved that she was driving on a suspended license with the girl in the car and it uncovered where she was actually lived. The client won custody of his daughter.