Business Services


Knowledge is power. We provide high-level employee background checks. We conduct surveillance and other live monitoring services to verify your company and its employees are functioning as they should. We provide a picture about what’s really going on in the field and how your employees represent you. We obtain vital information before a situation reaches a critical state. We also assist in investigations of potential business partners and vendors. Be proactive, not reactive, in making business decisions. We offer due diligence and other options to help you make the right decisions.

Services for Business

  • Business Relationship Advanced Screening
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Complete Background Reports
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Due Diligence
  • GPS Tracking and Support
  • Insurance Claims, Workers’ Compensation
  • International Investigations
  • Pre-Employment Background Reports
  • Quality Assurance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Consulting

Case study: Competitive Intelligence For Business

A business was selling an item online and noticed that a competitor was claiming to sell the same item but for a much cheaper price. The client merchant suspected the competitor was selling counterfeit items. We uncovered the identities of the people selling the goods online and the location of the suspect fake merchandise. We then recovered packaging to tell us the source of the goods. We found samples of the items being sold from legally collecting trash from the suspects’ residence. Sure enough, the items were counterfeit. In a separate investigation, federal authorities indicted the suspects, sending a man in the operation to prison and sentencing a woman to federal probation.