Attorney Services

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For almost 20 years Mike Spencer has produced winning results for top trial lawyers in California. He has handled every civil case under the sun.  We do this for criminal defense, insurance defense, plaintiffs’ attorneys, family lawyers and more. We know to aggressively investigate the facts and to get witnesses on your side. We effectively integrate with and assist your office, whether sole practitioner or major law firm.
Mr. Spencer and staff get crucial information from witnesses and keeps them on your side. What separates our services is that we quickly summarize relevant information for attorneys and staff and are available on short notice. Our reports quickly summarize and present the most relevant facts. We find difficult to locate witnesses and other information. We locate witnesses then marshal them into depositions and court. We know that we are an extension of you and always strive to conduct business in an ethical way that reflects positively on you and helps your client prevail.

Services for Attorneys

  • Automobile, Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents
  • Child Custody and Family Law Investigations
  • Criminal Defense
  • Dog Bite Investigations
  • Firearms and Use-of-Force Investigations
  • Full Litigation Support
  • Landlord-Tenant Issues
  • Locating Assets
  • Locating People
  • Premises Liability
  • Service of Legal Process
  • Witness Statements

Case Study: Charges Dropped in Criminal Defense Case

A man is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and other crimes. His attorney hires us to look at facts of the arrest, inspect the apartment where the arrest occurred, and take witness statements. Police had claimed in the report that items in the room were “in plain view” when they were allowed entry into the residence. However, an inspection of the door and apartment showed that police could not have seen inside the room because their view would have been blocked by the person who answered the door. We take a credible statement from a witness who was in the apartment. We also turn up numerous facts omitted from the police report. The charges are dropped.